Folding Boxes

Albright Paper and Box helps source your packaging needs for Folding Boxes and Folding Paperboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. Albright Paper & Box representatives can help you develop your folding box specifications. Here is just a short list of products and types of products, which may require specific packaging and folding box needs.

Bakery Boxes
Pie, Donut and Cake boxes, poly-coated boxes with non-stick properties, FDA approved inks may be required

Beverage Boxes
Beer boxes, non-alcoholic beverage boxes, soft drink packaging, paperboard, aqueous coatings, corrugated

Boxes for Business Oriented Printed Materials
Boxes for Annual Report covers, boxes for menus, collateral, signs, folders

Candy Boxes
Set up boxes otherwise known as Display boxes, folding carton chocolate boxes, folding cartons and trays for seasonal products, poly-coated and pigmented poly-coated chocolate boxes, FDA approved inks may be required

Consumer Electronics Boxes
Cell phone boxes and packaging, digital camera boxes for retail display and product placement, computer boxes, software packaging and boxes

Cosmetic Boxes and Personal Care Product Packaging
Fragrance cartons, lipstick cartons, toothpaste boxes, blister cards for make-up

Dairy Cartons
Ice cream containers, butter cartons, carriers for ice cream novelties, FDA approved inks may be required

Boxes for Dry Foods
Pasta boxes, rice boxes, cereal boxes, pet food treats, cracker boxes, FDA approved inks may be required

Filter Frame Boxes
Industrial filter frames boxes, commercial filter frames boxes

Food Service Packaging
Boxes for Paper cups, paper plates, FDA approved inks may be required

Retail Positioned Frozen Food Boxes
Outer cartons, Frozen Pizza Boxes, Outer Boxes for frozen dinners

Boxes for Gaming Industries
Boxes for Scratch-off lottery tickets, pull-tab lottery tickets, bingo cards, instant win promotional cards, trading cards, boxes and packaging for video games, board game boxes, boxes for games for children

Miscellaneous Consumer Products
Toy boxes, hardware boxes, automotive supply boxes, clothing boxes, toilet paper boxes

Gift Boxes
Presentation oriented gift boxes, jewelry boxes, engagement ring boxes, anniversary ring boxes, retail store auto lock boxes, retail store folding boxes

Greeting Cards Boxes
Boxes for Greeting cards, backers for card displays, special finishing optional

Retail Positioned Packaging; Graphics/Sturdy Packaging
Point of purchase displays, distribution packs, countertop display packs

Media Boxes and Entertainment Oriented Packaging
CD and DVD packages, VHS boxes

Boxes for Office Supplies
File folder cartons, pen boxes, pencil blister cards, boxes for paper, storage boxes, envelope cartons